How to use Iron Cookware

September 12, 2021 3 min read

How to use Iron Cookware - Minimaru
When the surface of the iron pan is soaked with oil, and by letting the oil blend in well, the ingredients are less likely to burn and stick.

1. Wash with water

When using for the first time, give it a good scrub with a sponge and soap for 3-5 minutes.

2. Heating / drying

The colour of your wok will change due to heat.

3. Add oil

4. Let the oil blend in

Iron pots have high thermal conductivity, so be careful of the heat when using them. Also, letting the oil blend in well is a way to prevent burning and sticking.

Precautions before use

Please wash well before use. (No need to bake)

Please remove the label attached to the main body before using the product.

Iron will rust when water is left on the surface over a period of time. Always keep the surface dry to avoid rust forming.

About silicon baking finish

Some products have a surface coating to prevent rust and to make it easier to use for the first time. The coating film gradually peels off and wears over time. It is not permanently attached.

No dry baking is required to remove the paint film.

Please read the instruction manual of the heating equipment carefully before using it correctly.

Precautions for use

-Warning- If you get a lot of oily smoke during cooking, turn off the heat. The oil may ignite and there is a risk of fire. Also, be sure to turn off the heat when you leave the place while cooking.

Please use the appropriate capacity according to the cooking to prevent spillage. It may cause the gas to go out or the cooker to malfunction.

Do not use with large flame. The handle may become hot and is dangerous.

Adjust the orientation so that the flame of the adjacent stove does not heat the handle.

Place it on the center of the stove to stabilize it.

Before using it, be sure to check that there are no abnormalities in each part.

Do not use it when the handle becomes loose.

Do not modify or take first-aid measures against rattling or damage to the handle.

When the handle is hot and there is a risk of burns, use a mittens when grasping.

Do not place it in the oven.

Do not use in the microwave. It may cause the microwave oven to malfunction or catch fire.

Be careful not to touch it with your toddler's hands as it gets hot during and immediately after cooking.

Do not leave the food in the pot for a long time as it may cause the pot to rust

Do not use in simmered dishes. It may cause rust.

Avoid extreme baking as the body may deform.

Set the lid firmly on the main body.

About care and storage

Thoroughly wash off dirt with detergent, dry over low heat, and oil to store. Make sure there are no water droplets or moisture on the product before storage as water/moisture may cause the iron to rust.

If the coating film peels off or rust due to use, scraping off the paint film and rust that are about to come off with a metal scrubbing brush, wash it well and wipe off the water before applying oil.

Soak in boiling water to soften it before removing the film. Do not use knives or sharp items.

Do not store in high places that are hard to reach. There is a risk of falling when removing.

Do not wash in the dishwasher. It may cause rust.

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