Alphax Cassa Heat Conduction Roller Face & Body

An aluminum caster that transfers heat slightly through heat conduction and gently flows facial muscles. Made of aluminum with high thermal conductivity that gently melts hard ice. You can feel the warmth gradually while using it. You can also use it in the bath. [Two types] [FACE & BODY] ・Grip hole Easy to grip and apply force ・Gently squeeze between two ball face lines and neck ・Fits the upper arm and calf of the R line ・Push the pinch point [EYES] ・Wave line Produces femininity and ease of holding ・Intensive care for eyeballs ・When using eye cream for spatula [ Face & Body ] Width 9.5 ・Thickness 1.4・Height 11(cm )/ 82g [ アイ] Width 1.5 ・Thickness 1.4・Height 9.9(cm )/ 12g