Etiquette Lint Brush

For finishing ironing and removing waste cloth!  Also to pet hair loss attached to clothes!  The garbage collected gets automatically to the dust box! ! Just slide the top lid sideways for easy garbage disposal! ! 

 ● How to use  ・ By operating the switching lever in the center of the brush (brushing in the direction of the arrow)  It is very convenient clothes brush which can be used in either left or right direction.  ・ The dust on the brush surface can be made by simply sliding the switching lever 2 to 3 times to the left and right,  It is automatically stored in the dust box and you can use it with the brush surface always clean.  ・ When garbage accumulates in the dust box, slide the lid of the main body,  Please throw in the trash in the trash can. 

 ● Application  Men's clothes, ladies' clothes, formal wear, suede etc., dust, dandruff, thread scratches,  It is ideal for cleaning cloths easy to attach wash scraps, pet hair loss etc.

Size :24.5 x 5.5x 4.7cm  

Made in Japan



Main Unit /ABS (Acrylonitrile ・Butadiene ・Styrene )Resin 

Brush /Nylon (Pile )100 %