Iwatani Grilled Sandwich Press

[Hot Sand Grill that can also be used as two frying pans] The "Hot Sand Grill" exclusively for cassette konro is a separate type that can be used as both a hot sand grill and a mini frying pan, and you can enjoy a variety of menus! [Adopting a separate plate with a wavy surface and a flat surface] With a size that fits the bread perfectly, you can make a variety of menus such as grilled meat bibimbap and French toast as well as hot sandwiches. You can enjoy a variety of dishes using each grill, and it is very convenient to wash every corner of the dish. Comes with an original recipe. Material / component: [Main Unit ]Aluminum alloy [Handle ]Stainless SUS304 [Handle Handle ]Phenol Resin [Ring ] Stainless SUS304 [ inside Coating ] Fluorine resin processing