Kao Kitchen Bleach Handy Bleach Foam Spray Cleaner 400ml

This is a bleach for kitchen that is convenient to use by spraying whenever you need to eliminate bacteria and viruses, whiten and deodorize. Eliminates bacteria and viruses and whitens cutting boards, knives and cups. Eliminates slime and deodorizes sink strainers and corner draining baskets. Only takes 5 minutes to whiten and 2 minutes to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Product Warnings: ‧Do not use if you are unwell or have heart or respiratory problems ‧Wear gloves, mask and goggles for protection ‧Use only for specified usages ‧Avoid contact with eyes and contact with clothes ‧Use product on its own. Contain more than 1 % of sodium hypochlorite and hence do not use or mix with any other household cleaners or bleaches - dangerous Chlorine gas can be released ‧Do not use in large quantities all at once or for a prolonged period of time ‧ Do not rinse with hot water ‧Keep bottle upright in cool area away from direct sunlight ‧Avoid dropping bottle to prevent damage ‧Do not pour other cleaners into this bottle Product Usage: Spray on the stain surface and rinse after 30s. Make sure it is rinsed thoroughly or it will be depreciated.

Storage Condition: Store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.