KIKIYU Fine Heat Reset Night 400g

Kikiyu Let's warm up slowly with a fine heat bath ● It is a carbonated bath salt that supports the health promotion of modern people with hot spring science ● The whelk foams vigorously, and carbon dioxide gas quickly dissolves in hot water. It is effective to take a bath after the carbon dioxide has dissolved in the hot water. ● It is convenient because you can adjust the amount used according to the amount of hot water in the bathtub. ● The dark green package "Reset Night" is a hot bath habit before going to bed. Recommended for those who do not want to carry over their tiredness tomorrow. For tired / cold symptoms ● Let's warm up gently with a bath (to enhance the effect of hot bathing and relieve poor circulation) ● Contains high-concentration carbon dioxide (Kikiyu salt carbonated water ratio) and sodium sulfate (hot spring mineral: active ingredient) ● Contains ginger powder (active ingredient) of crude drug ● Relaxing scent of trees and herbs ● The color of the hot water is night green (transparent type) ● Efficacy: Fatigue recovery, poor circulation, stiff shoulders, low back pain, bruises, wrinkles, neuralgia, rheumatism, chilblains, hemorrhoids, cracks, rashes, rough skin, heat rash, rash, acne, prenatal and postnatal coldness Relaxing & Tree Fragrant Carbonated Bath Salt