Kincho GonGon Wardrobe Moth Repellent Floral

Insect repellent for clothing which added mite extermination effect. For wearing dance 600L, use two as a guide. Insect repellent a year with insecticidal aroma and insecticidal W effect. The scent of rich floral. Ingredients: Empenthrin (transpirable pyrethroid), herbal ingredients (mainly terpineol), isothiazoline fungicide Size: 195mm x 120mm x 35mm Country of Origin: Japan Handling Precautions: ・Please strictly adhere to the prescribed amount written in the package. ・Ventilate the room when replacing the clothes. ・Use in sealed spaces such as chests or drawers. ・Keep out the reach of children. ・Do not eat. In case of accidental ingestion, immediately consult a doctor. ・Keep the package if you need to know what to do in case of accidental ingestion. ・Do not use the product for other than its intended purpose. ・The anti-mold feature uses insecticide fiber products for its effect.