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Kokuyo Mirikeshi Eraser 5 Sizes

● With an eraser with 5 erasing widths, you can erase by aiming at "1 line" without erasing the characters in the upper and lower lines according to the width of the ruled line of the notebook.

● Erasing width: 6mm width ... for A-lined notebooks, 5mm width ... for B-lined notebooks, 4mm width ... for C-lined notebooks, 5mm grid notebooks, 3mm width ... for notebooks and small letters, for small parts ..

● The number indicating the eraser width does not disappear even if the eraser is reduced.

● Uses an environmentally friendly non-phthalate plastic.

* Please keep out of reach of children.

* Lightly rub a small part or only one line to erase it.

* Please store in a case after use.

● For pencils

● Material / Body: PVC-P