Kokuyo KOKUYO Adhesive Glue Tape M Strong Adhesive

-A tape glue that can be switched between storage and use by turning the head part. There are two ways to hold it.
-Since the cap closes when storing, it is safe because dust does not enter.
-Because it is a dot type glue, it can be applied neatly without stringing the glue.
-It is not sticky, does not stain your hands, and can be adhered quickly.
-A compact design that makes it easy to see where to apply.
-Since the tip is a roller, it is smooth and light.
-Adopts glue ACID FREE, which suppresses acid that causes discoloration of photographs and paper, based on its own standards. It is also recommended for scrapbooking.

how to use
・ When pulling the glue, pull the tape glue toward you.
・ When changing the way of holding, please rotate the mobile surface.
* After use, close the cap to prevent the glue from drying out.