Kose Cosmeport - Clear Turn medicated whitening skin white mask 50 sheets

This all-in-one mask plays six roles at the same time to care for both wrinkles and dryness. Fight dryness and wrinkles while giving yourself soft, white skin. This everyday skincare product renews your skin with added moisture and clarity. The moisturizing formula of the mask penetrates deep into your skin, invigorating it with rich moisture. Also contains whitening tranexamic acid, which suppresses melanin production to prevent wrinkles and freckles. Contents: 490ml/50 Ingredients: [Active Ingredients] tranexamic acid, [Other Ingredients] purified water, butylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, ethanol, L-serine, astaxanthin liquid, sodium hyaluronate, water-soluble collagen liquid (A), natural vitamin E, 2-cetyl ethylhexanoate, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil isostearate, disodium edetate, carboxy vinyl polymer, xanthane gum, caprylic/capric triglyceride, sodium metabisulfite, sodium hydrogen phosphate, monosodium phosphate, sodium hydroxide, phenoxy ethanol, methylparaben Handling Precautions: ・Immediately use a mask that has been taken out. ・For hygiene purposes, do not use repeatedly and already used mask. ・When using after sunburn, wait until skin redness and hot flashes have subsided. ・Do not leave mask on for a long time and do not sleep with it on. ・This sheet does not dissolve in water, so do not flush down a drain. ・To protect against deterioration of the ingredients due to dryness, securely close seal after use. ・After opening, close seal and then store with the seal at the top. If the seal portion is facing downward, liquid may leak out. ・Use within 100 days after opening. ・Do not store in direct sunlight and places with high or low temperatures. ・Keep out of reach of children.