Love Pets Fish

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This is the sword fish that has recorded the best sales of this pet toy. is. The figure form, this item has been reproduced in detail up to the size, pet of mind Gattsuri and eagle Zukami not only the owner of the Heart! The appearance of the pet brought with the sword fish with the fat on the pudding is a must-see! Don't miss a photo opportunity. Contains cellophane sounds. 

Puppies! Come and enjoy your own fish to throw around and play with!  The most popular pet toy from our store, this soft plush saury is great for fetch and play, or to snuggle and sleep with.  The silver and navy stuffed saury with an adorable face makes crinkling sounds to keep your pup entertained for hours!  You and your pup will love this popular autumn fish to eaten in Japan!  Take fun pictures of your dog with this handsome looking fish!  Great as a gift for your dog loving friends, or for your own pup! 

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