Midori 5 Year Diary Recycled Leather 70th Anniversary Edition

・ Limited edition 3-year continuous diary to commemorate Midori's 70th anniversary ・ The cover is made from "recycled leather" that patina's over time ・ You can list the records of the same day for 3 years, and from the 2nd year, you can enjoy reading and writing at the same time while looking back on the same day in the previous year ・ Illustrations on the middle title page and index of each month will change from month to month. ・ The door is designed with gold foil stamped on the cover. ・ For the text, we used "MD paper" that is resistant to bleeding and strike-through and pursues good writing quality. ・ Bookbinding is a durable "thread binding" ・ 366 pages of text (for 5 years), rule width 6 mm, with 2 bookmark strings.