NIFTY COLORS Hedgehog Rain Hat

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It is a rain & UV hat that is also useful as a rain shield on rainy days and as a measure against ultraviolet rays such as outdoors. Since it uses an umbrella fabric, it has excellent water repellency and waterproofness, and is convenient for light rainy days and rain protection on bicycles. It can be folded into a small size, stored compactly, and attached to a bag or the like. The size of the head is adjustable with rubber, so it can be used by both men and women. Comes with a removable strap to keep it out of the wind. Inspection results UV shielding rate: NV98.0% A happy pattern with many hedgehogs running around in the flower garden. The taste is not too sweet, so it is perfect for adult girls who like cute things. Please take me out with you. F Size ( 56〜59cm ) Weight : About 58g folding Fold height : About 24cm folding Fold Width : About 16cm 天井のWidth : About 17cm Depth : About 8 cm Brim Length : About 8 cm Full Length : About 3 3cm