P&G Lenor Happiness Aroma Soft Laundry Beads Lavender Bouquet Fragrance 520ml

P&G Lenor Happiness Aroma Jewel Laundry Fragrance~ Happiness Aroma Jewel isn’t a laundry detergent, and it isn’t a fabric softener. Quite simply, it’s a perfume you can put in the washing machine! Each Aroma Jewel bead is packed full of with concentrated perfume oils that scent your fabrics for up to 12 weeks. The Lenor Happiness Aroma Jewel line is designed to blend well with almost any scented fabric softener or detergent, so you can create your own unique scent with every wash. Super simple to use! You can use Lenor Happiness Aroma Jewel fragrance with any washing machine, whether it be front or top loading. Simply add directly on top of your clothes at the beginning of your laundry cycle along with your laundry detergent! When the wash cycle is done, open the lid and enjoy the fresh perfume scent! (Please note: The Aroma Jewel beads are designed to be added directly in with the fabrics you are washing. Please don’t put the beads in a dispenser drawer as this could damage to your machine.) Use guidelines 6 - 7kg wash load (65L): Use almost a full cap of beads 3 - 4kg wash load (45L): Fill to the cap’s line 2 - 3kg wash load (30L): Use ⅓ of a cap Feel free to adjust the amount of Aroma Jewel beads depending on the strength of perfume you prefer!