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Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers G-1203

Product introduction Popular craftsmanship series! The nail clippers of the Takumi's technique series are made in Japan with a focus on ease of use and ease of use. Not only the sharpness but also the fit and form when you hold it. Wide stainless steel pawl G-1203 between blades ● Widening the gap between the blades makes it easier to cut thicker claws as well as hand claws. ● The blades are made of carefully selected stainless steel blades, and they are sharp (can cut well) and have excellent durability due to high hardness quenching and double cutting technology. ● Also, excellent sharpness is maintained by the final polishing and adjustment by skilled craftsmen. ● If you use a fine file on the back of the catcher case, you can finish it more smoothly. -Comes with a catcher case to reduce the amount of splinters.