Style Japan Japanese cypress Chopping Board Size M

STYLE JAPAN Cutting board stand type cypress made in Shimanto Forest "Hinoki bred in the rainy Shimanto River basin has a lot of fats and oils, it is easy to repel water, it is very easy to use." Shimanto Hinoki selected by Tosa Ryūonoike who aims to make the world's most cutting board. Water sharpness is good, it is difficult to spill the blade, moderate softness, natural bactericidal power and antifungal ingredients, refreshing feeling of use and fragrance. The wood of the chopping board of the Hinoki has almost no environmental burden on the growing length. Also, forest trees store water. This is also a big reason to recommend this chopping board. 3 sizes that can be used according to the purpose and space, basic basic home cooking. I realized that sanitary use and space saving were realized by making the cutting board troubled at the place anywhere possible with a stand, opening a hook hole at the upper right, and allowing hooking. It is hard to wash with a heavy cutting board. Pursuit of ease of handling to a thickness of 1.5 cm. To prevent discoloration because it is natural it was waterproofed only on the side of the stand. It is also recommended to use a small size as a cheese cutting or bread cutting as it is on a table. It is a chopping board which can be loved for three each long. Size S : 22x13x1.5 cm 200g Size M : 30x18x1.5 cm 340g Size L : 39x24x1.5 cm 650g