Takumi Copper Milk Pan

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Quickly uniformly convey the heat, cookware of copper through the tightly fire to the core is, boiled or stir-fried, can accommodate a variety of cooking such as omelet, it brings out even more the taste of food. 

▼▼ so amazing! The Power of copper ▼▼ 
- High thermal conductivity copper has excellent thermal conductivity is about twice that of aluminum, and about 25 times that of stainless steel. 
If you want to use in cooking, heat is evenly spreads, without destroying the ingredients, you can delicious cuisine mellow without migraine cooked or burnt. It is possible to cook over medium heat, it is economical in energy saving. 

・ The bactericidal action of copper that copper ion action, there is a nature to exert a tremendous bactericidal action in the only mixed in water. It is also effective in the O-157 of that pathogenic E. coli. 

And health promotion copper generation of blood in the nutrients that are essential to our health, it is essential brain, nerve, to the growth of bone. By using the copper member, it is possible to ingest copper nutritional nature. 

- Earth-friendly 
Is a metal that does not harm the 100% recyclable and environmentally.