Wakacho Wooden Rice Scoop

A chestnut tree kitchen tool made of natural wood with a gentle warmth. It has excellent durability and water resistance, and features a beautiful grain of wood. The smooth texture fits in your hand every time you use it. Wooden cutlery is easy to match with earthenware tableware and does not make a rattling noise when eating. The soft curves and the warmth of the wood that fit comfortably in your hand are gentle to the touch. It is coated with a highly durable paint to prolong its water repellency and luster. Please use it according to your needs. It is a simple and easy-to-match design that fits anything. * Laser is used to make the finish difficult for rice to stick to. ・Tableware ・ Dining table ・ Outdoor ・ Camping ・ Kitchen utensils Carpe diem is a mix of Japanese and Western with the motto of "Enjoying and valuing your current life". It is a brand that provides products that suit the living space.