Kai Seki Magoroku Imayo Santoku Knife 16.5cm

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The new range of Seki Magoroku Imayo knives, with their extremely sharp cutting edge and luxury hammered design, consists of four knives perfect for the modern lifestyle.

The blades of the Imayo knives are made of 1K6 steel (56 ±1 HRC). Blades fashioned from this material are especially resistant to corrosion due to their high chromium content. The greater carbon content ensures a better edge holding ability.

The handle of the Imayo is made of laminated, reinforced wood for a comfortable feel when cutting. The handle is extremely water-resistant, thanks to the use of high-quality natural wood which is treated by a special process.  



This Knife is NOT designed to be used on bone or very thick-skinned vegetables.

Hand wash only (no dishwasher) and dry immediately after use.