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    Pikachu sunshade

    My son loves it on my car.


    The vacuum jars, although they initially work, lose their vacuum seal over a short period of time which essentially renders them useless...

    Ryukodo Dragon Kaiun Basket 10.5H

    Mini ostrich feather duster

    Was disappointed at how small this ostrich feather duster is. In South Africa, (where I lived) large, robustly made ostrich feather dusters were commonly sold in supermarkets. This one is well made, but much smaller than I expected it to be. The feathers reeked of mothballs or some similar odour. However, like all feather dusters, it is excellent for getting rid of dust and spider webs.

    SKATER My Neighbour Totoro 2 Tier Bento Box

    Dragon with Attitude

    Enjoying my interesting ceramic zodiac dragon overlooking my studio

    Love my little fishies

    They are so tiny and cute :) The recipe that comes on the box is very good

    I love this wok. I have wanted it for a long time. It hasn’t disappointed

    The cutest little bath stool, with so many uses!

    Great rice storer

    Love the smell of the timber (which doesn’t affect the flavour of the rice). The size is perfect. It feels special getting the rice out for a meal.

    Very cute! Was an adorable little display for the lunar new year, look forward to bringing this out every year when the zodiac animal passes the baton to the next :)

    Item is ok but wrong description

    The item is fine as such but the description on website is incorrect as it states it’s with straw. It does not have a straw, but a cup. I had to rush out and buy a drink bottle with a straw as the cup wouldn’t be appropriate used at kinda. High quality product and will do for home use but please change the description.

    Lovely design, small share bowls good for rice, noodles or side dishes.

    Such a cute design, nice mug and easy to wash. Got the complementary Yuzu print too, great little pair.

    Such a cute design, nice mug and easy to wash. Haven't noticed any tea or coffee stains sticking to the mug which is a plus.

    Tatami rug

    Very happy a little slippery but nice..


    A beautiful piece of art

    It fits billy bookshelves like a glove

    The only way these would be better is if they came in more colours. They fit in my IKEA billy bookshelves as if they were made for them. Deeply satisfying.

    Marna Shupatto One-Pull Compact Bag

    Love the design, how compact and easy to fold this bag

    Great for spending summers on the balcony

    I've been wanting this particular satori senko for a while now. I missed out on bringing one back from Kyoto as it wouldn't fit in my carry-on luggage. This cute little piggy looks so at home, sitting in the sunshine. I hang those regular spiral mosquito coils that you get from the supermarket.

    Not worth it really

    Some of the things I could have got from daiso…I expected more but the products themselves were fine. Just wasn’t value for money

    Adorable cup!!

    Cutest glittery cup, that is amazing quality and easy to clean. I wish Minimaru brings more things like this!!

    Entirely plastic

    Not great to buy a variety of food when the whole thing is plastic. Regretful purchase