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  • Tiger Multi-Functional Rice Cooker JAX-S10A/18A

    The Tiger Multi-Functional Rice Cooker JAX-S10A/18A is a versatile kitchen appliance, designed... See more


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    The Tiger Multi-Functional Rice Cooker JAX-S10A/18A is a versatile kitchen appliance, designed to enhance your cooking experience with its advanced features and user-friendly design. This cooker is perfect for those who appreciate the convenience of preparing multiple dishes at once using the included cooking plate, without compromising on taste or quality using "Tacook" Syncho Cooking.


    • "Tacook" Synchronized Cooking Function: Allows simultaneous preparation of rice and a side dish, including vegetables or other items, using the included cooking tray. This ensures both dishes are ready at the same time, making meal preparation more efficient.
    • Black Spherical Inner Pot: Ensures efficient heat circulation for perfectly cooked rice.
    • Multi-functional Cooking: Offers 4-in-1 functions including rice cooking, synchronized cooking, steaming, and slow cooking.
    • Integrated Cooking Logic: Monitors cooking temperatures to optimize the cooking process.
    • Exclusive Cookbook: Comes with 25 diverse recipes to experiment with various cooking styles.


    • Capacity Options: 1.0L (JAX-S10A) and 1.8L (JAX-S18A).
    • Heating: Features heating from the upper lid, side, and bottom heaters for even cooking.
    • Cooking Plate Design: Prevents flavors from the cooking plate from altering the taste or texture of the rice.
    • Material: High-quality construction for durability and efficient performance.

    Product number JAX-S10A JAX-S18A
    Color White<W> White<W>
    Rated Voltage 240V 240V
    Rated Frequency 50-60Hz 50-60Hz
    Heating System Micom + Heating Micom + Heating
    Cooking and Warming Capacity (Plain Rice) 0.18-1.0L
    1-5.5 Cups
    2-10 Cups
    Capacity 1L 1.8L
    Electric Rating 641W 918W
    Size W×D×H (Approximate value) 25.6×34.6×20.8(cm) 28.1×37.2×24.5(cm)
    Weight (Approximate value) 2.9kg 3.8kg
    Producing Country Japan Japan

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    Christine Gunawan

    Tiger Multi-Functional Rice Cooker JAX-S10A/18A