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  • Hibachi Konro Grill Care Instructions


    According to the figure in the manual, charcoal only needs to cover the bottom of the grill. If too much charcoal is placed, the firepower will be too strong.

    1. Place the firelighters agent as shown in the figure, then place charcoal on. Ignite the firelighter;
    2. After the charcoal is completely lit, spread the charcoal out.

    1. Use vents to control firepower.
    2. When adding charcoal midway, please follow the charcoal quantity requirement in the preparation step.

    After use care:
    1. The used charcoal can be extinguished naturally or can be put into water and extinguished
    before discarding. When the oven encounters a sudden temperature change, the grill body will crack. So never wash the grill with water.
    2. The stain can be wiped with a damp cloth.
    3. Please wait for the oven to cool down completely before storing.
    4. The grilling net can be cleaned with a brush and detergent.

    Other requirements:
    1. Never splash water on. In case of a small amount of water, please wait until it is fully dry before storing. If the grill absorbs too much water and not fully dried, it will affect the use. In this case, you can put charcoal appropriately and light the charcoal in to achieve the drying effect.
    2. Because the bottom of the grill is in direct contact with charcoal, the temperature is very high. Please keep inflammable goods away from the bottom.
    Do not put the grill directly on the floor mats or blankets. When placing it on the floor or on the table, be sure to put a layer of heat insulation mat. Due to the high temperature, the floor or table may catch fire, have burning marks on.
    3. Pay attention to indoor ventilation. Do not use in poorly ventilated places.
    4. Do not move during use.
    5. Before going to bed, be sure to check whether the fire has been completely extinguished.
    6. The handle part of the stove is made of metal, and could be very hot after use.
    7. The edges of individual metal parts may be sharp, please be careful.
    8. The grill is manufactured by firing. Strong impacts such as falling from height can damage the stove and cause cracks.
    9. If the grill body is relatively humid, it will be difficult to ignite. Please do not use water to extinguish the fire in the grill. Please do not store in a humid environment.
    10. When the balcony or backyard is used, it will get smoke. Please pay attention to the wind direction.
    11. Please use on flat surface.