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nifty colors All Weather Light Sheilding Mini Umbrella Dot Flower

[2021 new work] A 55 cm sized foldable umbrella with a 5 cm longer rib than a standard ladies sized foldable umbrella. Since the hand part is made smaller, it does not look big when folded, and when opened, the diameter is about 8 cm larger than an umbrella with a rib 50 cm size, and the surface area of the umbrella fabric is increased by about 20%. Since it can be covered widely, it is difficult for shoulders and backpacks to get wet, so it is safe even on rainy days. Since it uses a "safety wheel (stopper)" that does not easily pinch your fingers or nails, you can open and close it by pressing the button part, and you can use it with confidence. Since it is a simple case with a core, it can be stored in a bag without being bulky. The hand with a colon-shaped engraving is also cute. This product is mainly used as an umbrella, but because it has an acrylic coating, it has a UV protection effect. As a guide, the UV shielding rate is about 90% for dark-colored fabrics and about 80% for light-colored fabrics. Dot flowers, in which large and small flowers and dots of different sizes are randomly arranged like a patchwork, are pop but have a nostalgic pattern that is familiar to Scandinavian and Japanese pattern designs. The simple coloring of navy and off-white is also refreshing, and the hand part is also available in navy that matches the umbrella.