nifty colors Hedgehog Rain Poncho Navy

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[2021 new work] A rain poncho with a simple basic design that can be worn quickly when it rains suddenly at commuting to school, festivals or camping. As it is a poncho type, you can wear it with your backpack on your back. Also, you don't have to hold an umbrella, so you can rest assured that both hands are free. The pullover specification, which does not have a zipper to the bottom, is convenient because it does not take much time to raise and lower the zipper when putting on and taking off. The size and design are irrespective of gender, so you can use it for both men and women. It can be adjusted with the rubber stopper on the hood and the hooks on both sides. You can carry it compactly by putting it in a drawstring storage case with a gusset that is easy to put in and take out. Corresponding size: Height 155-175 cm equivalent A hedgehog pattern that is popular with adults despite being an animal pattern. I designed it with the image of a cute hedgehog walking in the woods. Please take a walk together even on rainy days.