NIFTY COLORS Mini Folding Umbrella with Grip

Turquoise Hedgehog
A folding umbrella with a curved handle that is easy to grip. It is safe to hold firmly, unlike the small body type hand. Since it uses a "safety wheel (stopper)" that does not easily pinch your fingers or nails, you can open and close it by pressing the button part, and you can use it with confidence. The case is a simple bag type with no core, so it is lightweight and easy to put in and take out. This product is mainly used as an umbrella, but because it has an acrylic coating, it has a UV protection effect. As a guide, the UV shielding rate is about 90% for dark-colored fabrics and about 80% for light-colored fabrics. A hedgehog pattern that is popular with adults despite being an animal pattern. I designed it with the image of a cute hedgehog walking in the woods. Please take a walk together even on rainy days. Rib Length : 50cm Main Unit length : About 57cm Width : About 90cm Weight : About 168g Number of umbrella bones : 6 Pcs Attached Color : Gold rib Material : Glass fiber ・Aluminium Sticks Material : Aluminium ・Iron Hand material : Synthetic Leather folding Fold Full Length : About 28cm