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TOMBOW Pencil - Tape Glue Pit Strong Adhesion Standard

A compact tape that can be used well for the first time. "Tagogo-shaped" tape paste that removes as much as possible from unevenness. You can hold the body firmly regardless of how you hold it and glue it on beautifully. Three types of functional tapes that can be selected according to the application achieve the "pasting" as you desire. Firmly hold the main body regardless of how you hold it, and it is easy to pull the tape "Tagogo-shaped" body. Compact size can be easily stored in the pen case. It is equipped with three types of tape: strong adhesive "power tape", adhesive "retry tape" afterward, and "tack tape" that can be stuck firmly. 6 thin enough to handle even for the first time? It is a width tape. 6mm x 6m ( after Adhesion Type 6mm x 7m) Country of manufacture: Vietnam Material / component: PS resin