Wakacho Wooden Cocktail Stirrer

It is a cutlery of natural wood that the warmth of the tree is easy. Wood cutlery is easy to match with pottery dishes and does not make a rattling noise when eating. If you have such a cutlery, your regular meal will be warm and warm. The soft curve and the warmth of the tree are soft and comfortable. I use a wooden cutlery and I feel like a cafe at home. Please use according to the application. A simple and easy-to-use design that suits Japanese and Western style. If you hold it in your hands, it will be gentle to your fingertips, and if you carry it in your mouth, it will be soft to the touch The cutlery of wood that feels the warmth of nature will become familiar with the hand as it is used for a long time, and it will have a shiny texture. Simple design regardless of the dining table. The cutlery of the tree, which is warm and gentle to the lips, is easy to carry and delicious. Because the heat does not pass, it can be used safely for children and elderly people. Once you use a wooden spoon, it becomes a taste of its tenderness. [2019 new works] 19.5 x 3cm * Product 検品as well as 管理はJapan local 行われてい Quality control and Designed by Japan