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    Material Body: AS Resin, Lid & Lid Frame: ABS Resin, Gasket: Silicone Rubber
    Heat Resistance Body, Lid & Lid Frame: 60°C, Gasket: 200°C
    Cold Resistance -20°C
    • Keep away from fire or high temperatures.
    • Stacking multiple containers may cause them to tip over.
    • Be cautious as citrus oils can cause degradation.
    • Avoid using dishwashers.
    • Use only for its intended purpose.
    • Press the button with your hand supporting the body if the content is light.
    • Avoid using scouring pads or abrasive cleaners as they may cause scratches.
    • Wash with dish soap before use.
    • If the lid, frame, or gasket gets dirty, it may be hard to open or close the lid. Please wash it regularly, wipe it dry before using.