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    The Midori MD Notebook A5 offers unparalleled writing comfort with its high-quality paper and minimalist design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and traditional bookbinding techniques, this notebook provides a clean and flat surface for effortless writing.


    • Crafted with Midori's renowned craftsmanship and expertise in papermaking since the 1960s
    • Focus on the paper itself by removing all unnecessary adornments
    • Cheesecloth mesh tape binding ensures the notebook lies completely flat for ease of writing
    • Delicate yet sophisticated design that allows your words to flow effortlessly
    • Made in Japan with traditional thread-stitched bookbinding methods
    • Minimalistic appeal enhances the enjoyment of writing
    • Provides a clean slate for writers and artists
    • Promotes a seamless writing experience


    • Product: Midori MD Notebook A5
    • Origin: Made in Japan
    • Size: A5 (approximately 5.8" x 8.3")
    • Paper quality: High-quality, carefully selected paper
    • Bookbinding method: Traditional thread-stitched bookbinding for a 180-degree flat opening