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    Evenly cut your favourite Luncheon meat! See more

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    Evenly cut your favourite Luncheon meat!

    Luncheon meat is a familiar ingredient in Hawaii and Okinawa, but now it is becoming popular all over Japan!

    In particular spam musubi!

    The saltiness and richness are perfect for rice. However, it is slippery and difficult to cut, and the drawback is that the kitchen knife and can make the cutting board sticky.


    That's where this slicer comes in! It cuts your spam into 11 equal 8mm parts simply by pulling down the stainless steel wires. You can easily make spam musubi by frying the spam in a frying pan and placing them on the oval rice. Luncheon meat can also be used for various dishes such as salads and stir fries. By easily incorporating popular ingredients, you can enjoy new foods!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Joanne Pan
    Good price

    Does the job, not expensive and helpful

    Andrew L
    Disappointed it turned out to be a poor quality product.

    Slicer wires either broke or came off at the ends on first use. Did not even get to slice the luncheon meat the way the product was designed and marketed to do which was most disappointing.