Alphax Cassa Heat Conduction Roller For Skin

Warm face care heat conduction with beauty acupuncture that does not sting. Body temperature is transmitted faintly. Beauty acupuncture roller x acupuncture pointer ・ Stimulate facial muscles with 108 roller acupuncture ・ Pinpoint approach to stiffness with a pointer with a diameter of about 3 mm Beauty acupuncture is a hot topic right now. For those who don't want to go to the salon. It's easy, so it goes on every day. Ideal for nesting beauty! ● Tornado Roller 108 protrusions arranged in a spiral shape loosen and condition the skin. With a width of 2.5 cm, the eyebrows are also rolling. ● Wave form Efficiently loosen with a light force! ● Pointer Press the stiffness of the face pinpoint! [Discerning thermal conductivity parts] The handle is aluminum. Others are made of copper up to the screws. It has a very high thermal conductivity and stimulates you while feeling your body temperature. IN on the pouch. Compact size that can be carried. Width 3.3・Depth 1.5 ・Height 13.4(cm )/ 42g