Alphax Massage Spiral Tsubo Ball

Twisting! The flexible twist and strong unevenness correct the distortion of the fascia and release the stiffness. Before it leads to sagging or stagnation, the fascia wraps the muscles, and the whole body is covered with a single membrane like a bodysuit. When a part of the fascia is twisted, the muscles distort due to the effect, and the skin becomes hard due to tension. It is said to cause sagging. Stimulate the neck and clavicle around the neck and clavicle, approach to the inside, stomach, back fascia ... armpit, waist, buttocks (sitting), thighs, thighs, calf, arms, soles Tsukubo Pro "Foot Momiji Co., Ltd." Representative Director Kiyoshi Yoshida Invented Foot Foot Self-Care Classroom "Foot Momiji" While holding a foot care throughout the country, It is also popular in Australia, Germany and other countries. Also, in the official training course for foot massagers, we are energetically developing trainers for the foot massage health law. Product Size / weight ( About ) : Width 15.2・Depth 8・Height 8(cm )/ 182 g