Alphax Spine Stretch Seiritsu

The special shape fits your body. Push deeply, spread, stretch Shiatsu x thoracotomy x extension Posture stretch for 3 minutes a day Press: Fits neck and back. Push deeply and loosen. Spread: Open your chest and take a deep breath. Removes fatigue from the muscles of the entire back. Stretch: Stretch the line on your back. It is said that many people are worried about their posture in the current situation where smartphones and personal computers have become widespread. Long-term use of the screen, straight neck, stoop, and posture collapse due to lack of exercise. Excessive strain on the neck, shoulders and back leads to muscle stiffness. Just sleep for 3 minutes a day to stretch and relax your neck, shoulders and back for a refreshing feeling. Open your chest and breathe deeply and slowly. Shiatsu: Use a shiatsu ball to loosen around the neck and back, which is difficult to push by yourself, and reset muscle fatigue. Thoracotomy: Widen the lateral line of the body. Correct and refresh the pectoral muscles that are stiff due to the rolled shoulders and stoop. Stretching: Stretch the vertical lines of your body to straighten your back. [Creating a healthy and beautiful body] Acupressure balls in the spinal column (cervical spine to thoracic spine) loosen muscle stiffness and relieve fatigue. Many reflex zones are concentrated around the spinal column. ・ Cervical spine support It compresses and loosens the cervical spine, which has many reflex zones related to body function. The original arch on the neck. ・ Spine support A large muscle that connects the cervical spine to the lumbar spine. By placing the center of the body, you can stretch the whole body in a relaxed state. ・ Comfortable elasticity Shiatsu ball to loosen muscle stiffness ・ Shape that fits the neck and back The ground surface is flat and stable. You can stretch it deeply without putting extra strain on your body. Width 20・Vertical 50・Height 15(cm)