HA KO Black Incense Gift Box 5P


HA KO - a new type of incense made of paper. Enjoy the aroma as potpourri or just use as incense.

It is a round box type made of black paper. A stylish set that is all black inside and outside the package, it matches a wide range of scenes. (Contents): HA KO Black Relax 6 sheets, non-combustible mat (Product size): Φ97 mm x H 36 mm

Use as Potpourri

Uses an abundance of natural essential oils especially formulated forthose 3 effects.

“Deeper Relaxation” Vetiverr helps relieve tension while cypress relaxes your heart rate. A tranquil forest mood envelops you as the aroma calms your mind.

“Stronger Concentration” Lemongrass stimulates the mind and body while cloves raise your spirits. The revitalizing waft of freshness helps increase your concentration.

“A Good Night’s Sleep” Lavender normalizes the autonomic nervous system and patchouli brings about serenity. This sweet and gentle fragrance supports a restful sleep.