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Bold Gel Ball Green Garden Muguet Aroma Main Unit 16 Pcs

"Product Details: ● The soft and firming ingredients make the clothes soft and wrinkle-free, making ironing easier. ● Can be used almost the same number of times as concentrated detergent. ● Makes clothes less likely to wrinkle and makes ironing easier. ● Absorbs unpleasant odours while wearing and changes to a gorgeous scent. ● Of course, one rinse is OK! ● Main component: 68% surfactant, the fluorescent whitening agent included ● Made in Japan Instructions: (1) Put this product gel ball in the washing tub (2) Put the laundry later (3) Start washing! -Can be used with both vertical and drum type washing machines. Estimated amount of use: Washing machine display-Washing water amount (laundry amount) 30L-65L (2kg-6kg): 1 gel ball 65L or more (6kg or more) When you want to enjoy the scent more. : 2 gel balls"