Cat Pair Donburi Bowl Chopstick Set

It is a Victory Catalog product that "Gives Life from Yakimono no Sato". You can choose from an abundant assortment centering on Mino ware and Seto ware. [Carefully selected kiln] A unique and delicious work. A collection of works that convey the passion of potters. [Takumi's Gift] Introducing gorgeous red paintings, Oribe representing Mino ware, and indigo dyed vessels. [Elegant time] We have hand-made rich sensibility and warm works. [Series Gift] A gift with a novel concept and design. Introduces each vessel with its own personality and taste. [Price gift] Ideal for gifts. Introducing the gift items that we give to our sophisticated vessels by price range. [Interior gift] We have items that create a comfortable space, lucky charms and unique and cute goods. [Premium gift] We have a wide variety of unique and memorable products that are perfect for anniversaries.