Chips - MUG PREMIUM white-navy drop 380ml

Crafted by hand, this mug’s design evokes the image of waves crashing onto pristine white sands. It is large in capacity, yet lightweight with a large handle for ease of use. Its unglazed base also lends a contrasting texture. The variations in manufacturing and the dripping navy glaze make each mug one-of-a-kind. Each piece comes in its own box, making it the perfect gift.


Dimensions: W8cm x H9.3cm

Maximum width: 8.5cm

Capacity: 380ml

Materials: Ceramic (Mino ware)

Care instructions: Soak in boiled rice broth to prevent mould and stains. Not microwave safe. Not for use over open flame. Wash and dry immediately after use to prevent mould and stains. If odour and stains occur, soak in a mixture of 1L water, 4tbsp baking soda and 1tbsp vinegar.

Country of manufacture: Japan