COFIL Fuji Ceramic Coffee Filter

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Kofil FUJI Instants are also easy and delicious, but they are not as good as brewing coffee with a hand drip. Such a new product has appeared! We have prepared a 6-colored Mt. Fuji-shaped cofil. The coffee filter makes a difference in the taste when brewing such drip coffee. This is the point. "Cofil" incorporates the "Lotus effect" in which the fine irregularities on the surface repel water and dirt. By filtering this coffee filter with ceramic, You can enjoy a mild and refreshing drink by removing miscellaneous and salty tastes. Made in Japan

Because it is a handmade product, during the firing process, there are different positions and thermal differences, such as uneven colors, black spots, bumps, powdery, non-smooth, non-smooth, and insufficient round shapes on the filter is normal.

Filter :Width 11.0x Height 7.0cm  Server /Width 12.0x Height 0.7cm  Saucer /Width 9.5 x Height 4.0cm