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    Eliminate odours the eco-friendly way with the COGIT Power Bio Bin Deodoriser, a chemical-free... See more

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    Eliminate odours the eco-friendly way with the COGIT Power Bio Bin Deodoriser, a chemical-free solution designed to keep your kitchen bin and toilet corner pot smelling fresh using the power of bio-organisms. This innovative deodoriser not only neutralises odours but also inhibits the growth of four types of foul smells, including ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, for up to three months, creating a clean and pleasant environment.


    • Utilises the power of bio-organisms to naturally eliminate odours and create a mould-resistant environment.
    • Releases antimicrobial agents upon contact with air to suppress mould growth, ensuring long-lasting freshness.
    • Environmentally friendly and safe for both humans and surroundings, providing peace of mind with its effective bio power.


    • Product Size: 6.8cm x 4.8cm x 1.7cm
    • Replacement Interval: Approximately 3 months
    • Ingredients: Diatomaceous earth, microorganisms (Bacillus genus)
    • Case Material: Polypropylene

    Usage Instructions:

    1. Clean the surface where the deodoriser will be placed to ensure no dust or moisture remains.
    2. Upon opening, write the date on the included replacement indication sticker using an oil-based pen and affix it to the top or bottom surface of the device.
    3. Remove the release paper from the back of the sticker and install the deodoriser.
    • Recommended Placement: Inside the lid of bins or toilet corner pots
    • Usage Recommendation: One deodoriser per bin with a capacity of less than 45L (For bins larger than 45L, it's recommended to use two deodorisers)
    • Adhesive capability may vary depending on the material of the surface.

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