Iwachu Iron Sukiyaki Pot

A sukiyaki pot with a simple old-fashioned design.

The iron pot, which has a shape that you won't get tired of looking at, is very useful in various scenes.

Since the iron surface is coated with a special baking finish that allows oxygen to pass through, iron will elute during use.

The pot is compatible with gas stoves and induction.

Manufactured by Iwachu, Minamisenboku, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture.


* About use in IH cookers


When using at 200V IH, please use on low to medium heat.

It can be used on high heat at 100V IH.


Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Iron

(28cm )●Outer Diameter :300 ●Depth :55●thickness of board :4.0●Bottom Width :255●weight :3.3kg
(30cm )●Outer Diameter :310 ●Depth :55●thickness of board :4.0●Bottom Width :280 ●weight :4.0kg