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Green Bell Tongue Cleaner Mint

Berry, apricot, lime, mint x 4 each, hanging mount set A cleaner for cleaning tongue coating that removes "tongue stains" that cause bad breath and alveolar pyorrhea, and slimy tongue. The brush and spatula are integrated. Use a brush to remove dirt from your tongue and use a spatula to scrape it off! Firmly fits the unevenness of the tongue. Even a light force effectively raises the tongue coating. Elastomer resin that does not hurt the tongue. (* It is a gentle touch that does not easily cause vomiting reaction) It is made of only elastomer material, so you can use it with confidence. ○ ● How to use ● ○ Use it by slowly pulling it toward you so that you can put it on your tongue and scrape off the dirt. (If you use it while exhaling, it is difficult for you to get a vomiting reaction.) * 4-piece set includes berry, apricot, lime, and mint x 6 each (* There is no display such as a mount) ●Berry ・apricot ・Lime ・Mint Full Length : 125mm  weight : 9g Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Brush portion : Elastomer resin The handle portion : polypropylene