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  • Hario Filter-in Pitcher 900ml

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    • NOT JUST TEA: The Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter Bottle is perfect for bringing a new dimension to enjoying refreshing drinks. Make delicious cold tea for any occasion, or add your favourite fruits to water for a flavourful filtered drink throughout the day
    • COLD BREW METHOD: For that refreshing cup of tea, fill the pitcher with your favourite tea leaves or fruit, add water, and shake gently. Place in your fridge overnight and enjoy refreshing cold tea throughout the next day
    • EVERYDAY TEA SOLUTION: Our simple, yet elegant cold brew tea infuser is made from heatproof borosilicate glass. Its durability and design of a built in filter make it both practical and easy to use
    • ELEVATE YOUR CUPPA: For those who love the refreshing taste of tea or flavoured water. Hot temperatures change the natural flavour of your tea imparting an astringent taste. Cold brew results in sweeter and smoother tea
    • FOR ALL TEA LOVERS: This highly durable filter pitcher is ideal for any level of tea lover. The glass cold brew tea pitcher is also dishwasher safe. It has a practical 900ml capacity for making lots of cups of delicious chilled tea