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  • Hasegawa - FSB20 Soft Cutting Board 41x23cm

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    The FSB line is a new line from Hasagawa. Compared to the rubber version, the PE line is slightly harder but also much easier to look clean. Recommended for those without a dishwasher. 


    Hasegawa is the leading rubber cutting board manufacturer in Japan. Unlike the regular synthetic plastic boards which is too hard for your sharp Japanese knives, the Hasagawa soft cutting board is very gentle to the edge, therefore improving the edge retention. All the Hasegawa boards are anti-bacterial unlike traditional timber cutting boards that needs to be sterilized after each use, as a result, these type of anti-bacterial boards are used in a lot of professional environment. 

    Wooden Core: High Rigidity

    Unlike the Ueda or Asahi boards, which are made of a single piece of synthetic rubber, Hasegawa went one step further to incorporate a piece of wooden core inside the board. The benefit of doing so is to significantly enhance the rigidity. The thinner models of Ueda and Asahi tends to bend (sometimes quite noticeable) if cleaned in dishwasher but the Hasegawa won't have this problem. This is a highly desirable feature that is missing from other brands, and shows the technology and precision that Hasegawa puts into their products. 

    The wooden core structure also reduces the weight of the boards, while a 60x30x2cm Ueda board weights 4.5KG where the Hasegawa counterpart weights only 2.6KG.

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