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    Heuge MATCHA BOWL KIZETO -beige-

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    The Mino region is known as the best pottery producer in Japan. With a history of more than 1000 years, we have produced a wide variety of ceramics according to the style of the times. Among the 15 types of traditional crafts, the 4 types of Seto Kuro, Kise Seto, Shino, and Oribe are well-balanced pottery products that have penetrated beyond the name of Mino ware. A device that can be used on a modern table as a device that inherits the tradition of Mino ware from the days when it was said to be a “heuge product” (reading: hyoge / meaning: something with caress). Made. Expressing the goodness of Mino ware, which has been supporting Japanese dining tables for over 1000 years, using traditional traditions and modern technology, earth and glaze. Please feel through "Heuge". The four colors of black, brilliant Seto black, melting natural white Shino, deep green taste and abundant woven fabrics, and warm yellowish yellow Seto have been passed down 1000 years ago. It is the best shade that brings out Japanese ingredients.

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