Hida stove (White ) Size 7 Mesh & Wooden Board Set

It is a stove where you can enjoy the deliciousness of charcoal fire on the table.


A stove using diatomaceous earth with high heat insulation.

Diatomaceous earth has excellent heat retention and can be cooked efficiently even with a small amount of heat source.

Desktop type for 1 person to group.


☆ Ideal for seafood, dried fish and skewers.


☆ It is a full-scale stove for business use. Not to mention restaurants

You can enjoy the feeling of an izakaya at home.







* To clean the stove, just wipe it with a towel without soaking it in water.

* Please do not use Bincho charcoal because the firepower is too strong.

* When using solid fuel, be sure to use a pottery or metal pan.

* Be sure to use a heat insulating material such as a floor board or a pot.

( Size 7 ) :About 20 .5x 20.5 x H16cm