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  • Hobonichi Page Keeper for Planner / Original / Weeks

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    This is a special bookmark that you simply affix to the interior of any classic-style Hobonichi Cover with outer pen holders. The Page Keeper automatically flips along with your page-turning and stays on the page you last opened using a rubber band.

    The Page Keeper comes in two sizes: one for the A5 Cousin, and one for the Weeks and A6 Planner / Original. When using it for the Planner, Original, or Cousin, you place the Page Keeper in the bottom right corner pocket of the interior and place the rubber band in the page you’d like to bookmark. The Page Keeper can be used in the weeks by placing it on the bottom right corner pocket of the Weeks Clear Cover interior (sold separately). The Page Keeper is ideal not only for keeping your place in your book, but also securing your book shut while it’s in your bag.
    Size W: 63 mm × H: 90 mm × T: 1 mm
    Weight 5 g
    Main material Polypropylene, nylon elastic band, aluminium

    Customer Reviews

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    These are always so handy with my planners.