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Ikemoto Camellia Compounding Cushion Brush

Cushion brush of camellia oil formulation! ☆ main component that is included in the camellia oil, almost the same components as the fat component of human skin ♪ So you can use with confidence ☆ Float the dirt before [shampoo before shampoo, and unfolding the fray of hair. [After shampoo] gently delicate scalp, it is ideal to disentangle the tangled hair. In addition, please use it to adapt the conditioner and treatment agents in the entire hair. [ Size ] Length 159x Width 50x Depth 35mm   [ Heatproof temperature ] 60℃ Country of manufacture: Japan Material / component: Main Unit : ABS resin  Brush : Polyester resin ●Camellia Japonica Seed Oil compounding