Kai House Pound Cake Mold 15cm

It is a pound cake type with a big difference in the beauty of the finish that baked up at "right angle". Not only cake, it can be used for a wide range of applications such as frozen desserts and terrines, ♪ attractive high versatility It is 15 cm easy to arrange for snacks and gifts ♪

◆ The four corners are sharp and the finished sweets are beautifully finished.

◆ Since the corners are right angles and square shape, it is easy to put ingredients in a lot of capacity!

◆ Because it is a bottom-capped formula, besides baked confectionery such as pound cake and Gatah chocolat, rare cheesecake and mini bread are also beautiful finished.

Size: 152 x 57 x 40 mm

Country of manufacture: Japan

Material / component: material Stainless steel