Kai Nyarming Eyelash Curler

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An eyelash curler with cat ears casually treated on a rounded body with a colon. The structure is such that the protrusions on the cat ears and the plate push up the eyelids, and they catch firmly from the hairline of the eyelashes. Since it is easy to curl from the base of the eyelashes, even people with heavy eyelids or double eyelids will have a tight eye. With a compact size of about 7 cm, it is easy to carry and is also recommended for makeup retouching. ● Store in a safe place out of the reach of children. ● Do not use if the main body is deformed by dropping it or hitting it against a hard object. ● When pinching your eyelashes, do not use strong force. Eyelashes may break or fall out. ● When pushing up the eyelids with cat ears, do not use strong force. Also, be careful not to get this in your eyes. ● If the rubber breaks or tears, replace it with new rubber. If you continue to use it, your eyelashes may break or come off. (For the replacement rubber, please use the eyelash curler replacement rubber sold separately by us.) ● After use, wipe off the dirt on the rubber part and the main body with tissue paper, etc., and always use it in a clean state.