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    Kai Seki Magoroku Imayo Chefs Knife 21cm

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    The Seki Magoroku Imayo Chef's Knife is a masterpiece in modern knife design with a sharp cutting edge and luxurious hammered finish. This knife range offers four versatile knives, catering to the needs of the contemporary lifestyle.


    • Premium 1K6 Steel Blade: The Imayo knives boast 1K6 steel blades with a hardness of 56 ±1 HRC, ensuring exceptional sharpness and resistance to corrosion, thanks to its high chromium content.
    • Excellent Edge Retention: The higher carbon content in the steel enhances the knives' edge holding ability, maintaining sharpness for prolonged periods.
    • Comfortable Laminated Handle: Imayo's handle is crafted from laminated, reinforced wood, providing a comfortable grip during cutting tasks.
    • Water-Resistant Handle: The high-quality natural wood used in the handle undergoes a special treatment process, ensuring remarkable water resistance for enhanced durability
    • Blade Material: 1K6 steel (56 ±1 HRC) for exceptional sharpness and corrosion resistance
    • Blade Length: 21cm
    • Handle Material: Laminated, reinforced wood for a comfortable and secure grip
    • Handle Design: Ergonomic, water-resistant handle treated with a special process
    • Usage: Not suitable for bones or thick-skinned vegetables
    • Care Instructions: Hand wash only (no dishwasher); dry immediately after use
    • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty from Shun Knives


    • Not Suitable for Bones or Thick-Skinned Vegetables: Please avoid using this knife for cutting bones or very thick-skinned vegetables.
    • Hand Wash Only: To maintain the knife's longevity and performance, hand wash it and dry immediately after use.

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